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What Niche Should You Choose as an Affiliate Marketer?

Date Added: July 25, 2008 04:20:53 PM
Author: Admin

When deciding what niche to promote and market as an affiliate marketer you should ask yourself a three basic questions before diving right in:

What do you know about this niche market?

Many new and inexperienced internet marketers make the mistake of jumping right in and trying to sell something that they know nothing about. You may make some money, but to really rake in the cash you should know about the products you are promoting and what your audience wants first. Try and stick to niches that you have knowledge in already, and if you really want to pursue a niche that is unfamiliar, do some due diligence to realize the potential that is there. This will payoff in the long run.

How competitive is this niche?

If you spend the time to develop a site, and then find out afterwards that your niche is highly competitive and will be impossible to rank highly with traditional SEO methods, you will kick yourself. PPC may be an option, but how does spending $4.50 per click sound? There are some highly competitive niches out there such as mortgage refinance or ringtones that can be very profitable, but you have to plan accordingly.

Always research your niche before developing a site or landing page! Search Google for your competitors and use keyword tools to get an idea how popular the keywords you are going after are. Many times competitive niches have room for profit, you just have to be more creative with the keywords you choose. Long tail keywords in competitive niches can be gold mines sometimes because there is good traffic to be had and the competition is middle of the road.

Is there enough interest and traffic potential (via PPC or SEO) to make this niche profitable?

Another common mistake is to get involved promoting a 'micro niche' or an area that is too narrow. There may be an audience for 'used red convertible cars with pinstripes', but the traffic just won't be there if you build an entire site around it. A better approach would be to create a site centered around convertible cars, and have different sections split to accommodate the more specific keywords. The main point here is not to make your main niche site or page too obscure. 

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Guest: 2008-08-17 14:59:41
Good basic overview of choosing a niche...

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